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Most department store beauty counters offer complimentary facials, hand massages, makeovers and makeup lessons. Do not feel guilty about indulging in complimentary services. Get to know the beauty consultant at your favorite counter. Each beauty consultant is fully educated on her line and can recommend products to meet your needs and budget.

Before making a huge investment in expensive products, ask for samples to try at home. You can repeat this process as many times as you like by visiting different counters and stores, until you find ones that meet your needs and budget. This will replenish your supply of products you use and like albeit sample sizes. Samples are a great way to stockpile products to try. They’re also great when travelling.

Be sure to get on contact lists. You’ll be notified about price specials such as gift with purchase or purchase with purchase. Stay in touch with your beauty consultant, and cultivate the relationship. Your consultant will lavish you with freebies if you are loyal !
Be on the lookout for Bridal Shows, Career Fairs, Ladies Night and the like. These events are fun and you can get a boatload of freebies there as every counter offers free products and services. Typically you buy a ticket, which is partially refundable towards a purchase. They serve food and feature A-list makeup artists, hair stylists, health club reps. They pamper you with free services from massages to nail art. It’s a nice girls’ night out.
Check out Sephora and Ulta. These mega cosmetics stores carry popular brands as well as a lot of other brands you may not know. While they may not offer the same intimate relationship you can build with department stores, they more than make up for the loss with their selection.

Cosmetics can also be purchased from sample sales or even on e-Bay. Stick with products and brands that you’re already familiar. This is not the time to experiment. Be sure to request product have their integrity seal and original packaging when possible for health and safety reasons. This will help ensure you’re getting untampered, unadulterated products.
One last word. Everyone is looking for great deals, but no one likes a mooch. When you’re out there rockin ‘the world with your shopping savvy, take your shopping etiquette with you. Good hunting.Save money by maxing cosmetics out. Snip the tops off tubs to get the last little bit. Turn cosmetics in bottles up-end so the dregs collect at the top.

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